Client Solutions

Client Solutions is a New York-based company that specializes in connecting US businesses with overseas office labor. Nikhil Designs has been working with them to build their brand, web presence and marketing campaigns in preparation for the launch of their service in Spring 2023.

A Labor of Love

Small to medium-sized US companies often struggle with the high cost of office labor, which can impede growth and profitability. Client Solutions and Nikhil Designs recognized this issue and have been working on a system that will allow these businesses to hire overseas labor at a more affordable rate. Nikhil Designs helped Client Solutions create an impactful brand that highlights this issue and the solution they offer. We also created a marketing campaign that focuses on educating small business owners about the benefits of hiring overseas labor, and how it can help them to save money and grow their business.



Coming Soon

In the Spring of 2023, Client Solutions and Nikhil Designs will be coming together to launch a scalable solution to the problem of expensive office labor for small to medium-sized US companies. The solution will provide a platform for these businesses to connect with overseas office labor at an affordable rate, and it will be easy to use and understand. The partnership between Client Solutions and Nikhil Designs will allow small business owners to save money and grow their businesses, by providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to the problem of high office labor costs.