Light to the Wealth Academy

Light to the Wealth Academy is a California-based investor academy that specializes in providing education and resources for cryptocurrency investing. When they first approached our agency, Nikhil Designs, they were in need of a full rebranding and web development, as they had no existing brand or online presence and were relying on word of mouth and partnerships with local event spaces to sell their courses.

Community Education

We helped Light to the Wealth Academy establish a comprehensive online education system using tools such as Zoom, Calendly, and the Google Suite. This allowed them to expand their course offerings and reach a larger audience through a strong online presence. We also helped them establish a unique brand identity by incorporating the works of famous illustrator, Pablo Stanley, which helped them stand out in the crowded online education space and establish a recognizable brand. With our help, Light to the Wealth Academy can now offer their courses to anyone, anywhere, at any time, and be seen on the internet with a strong brand presence.



AI-Built Courses

Nikhil Designs helped Light to the Wealth Academy (LWA) create ten different, 3 hour courses using a custom system involving artificial intelligence copy, which was double-checked by LWA's team of crypto experts for factual accuracy. This helped LWA to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality course materials. After proving the concept with the 10 initial courses, Nikhil Designs also built a workflow for LWA to continue to produce courses in the future, allowing them to scale their business and reach more students.

Per Course